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How Safe is Azle, Texas?

Determining What a Safe City Is

When looking for a place to live in Texas, some people will give high priority to how safe a city is when it comes to crime. Others will also consider additional factors such as air quality, traffic, and climate including severe weather incidents. This article will focus on the town of Azle, Texas.

Crime is Number One Concern

Based on government statistics through 2019, Azle is well below the national average in every category of crime. Murder is almost non-existent, occurring on average of one murder every three years. Documented rapes are also way down as well since 2013. Even property crimes are below the national average including burglary, auto thefts, petty thefts, arson, and vandalism.

Inclement Weather Incidents

The number of natural disasters in Azle and surrounding areas is higher than the national average. These natural disaster incidents include severe storms, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires, and winds. Temperatures can range from winter lows of 30 degrees to summer highs near 100 degrees. Just like any other state, those who prepare in advance for expected natural disasters will usually get through the incident with little to no damage or injuries.

Traffic and Road Conditions

Most of the traffic concerns in Azle are during rush hour in the morning and late afternoon to evening time with the majority of drivers headed to or from the Fort Worth / Dallas metropolitan areas. The roads used for most of the commuting are in pretty good condition receiving regular maintenance and upgrades when needed. There are not many road rage incidents in Azle as most of those types of situations are limited to more traffic-congested area near the bigger cities.

A Well Managed City is a Safe City

To determine how safe any town or city really is depends on how well the local government manages their departments including law enforcement, traffic control, and the health and safety of public areas. Azle ranks above average for being a safe city to live in. Law enforcement, the justice system, and criminal defense lawyers all agree that real crime should not be tolerated or excused. This not only makes citizens feel safe in their city but also makes them happy to live there.